Q? What is Nikastic Bitcoin?

A: Nikastic Bitcoin is an online digital currency platform that allows you to transfer, buy, sell and store digital currency or bitcoins. We aim at helping people convert their digital currency from and into their local currency by making the process of buying and selling digital currency as easy as possible.

Q? #2 What are the main kinds of transactions I can do with Nikastic Bitcoin?

A: Apart from being able to buy and sell currency, Nikastic Bitcoin also offers the options of moving (sending  and receiving) digital currency between people, merchants and digital wallets. The system is 100% secure and all your personal information is stored on secure servers and encrypted.

Q? #3 How do I sign up/register with Nikastic Bitcoin?

A: Anyone can register with our service. All you need to do is provide your email address and a password. Registration is free and all you need to do after submitting your details is to confirm them by clicking on the link that you will receive from us by email.

Q? #4 How do I buy Bitcoins on Nikastic?

A: The process of buying bitcoins on Nikastic is easy, fast and safe. All you need to do is register, then use the system to purchase via Credit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer. There are also other payment methods, all you need to do is contact the administrator to find out. You can deposit all the bitcoins you have bought in your Bitcoin wallet.

Q? #5 How do I sell Bitcoins on Nikastic?

A: If you are registered on our site and you have bitcoins for sale, you can do so securely and easily on our platform directly through your  Bitcoin wallet. The payment methods are the same as above so you’ll receive your currency via Wire Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal.

Q? #6 How do I transfer Bitcoins on Nikastic?


You can also use your Bitcoin Wallet on NikasticBTC to make transfers as a registered user. There’s currently no limit to how many times you can deposit or withdraw Bitcoins. You can also pay customers, friends and family,  or purchase products, services, gift certificates, etc.  

The transfers are processed within instant (sometimes short waiting periods maybe applied) via our generated wallet addresses with GREEN FLAG, so only one confirmation is required before the recipient receives their Bitcoins.

Q? #7 How do I request Bitcoins on Nikastic?

A: When you are a registered user you can request payments via Bitcoin and you can also respond to payment requests if another user sends you one. This is done by email and when you send a request, the recipient will receive your email address, details about the amount you have requested and a QR code for the payment. The process is almost instant and is a one of our very popular way of payment via Bitcoins.

Q? #8 How secure is the Bitcoin currency on your platform?

A: The Nikastic Bitcoin digital currency is fully protected and insured. In case of any breach of the online storage, the policy will cover the funds of each of our customers including all losses that are the result of the breach of Nikastic’s digital or physical security or a breach by an employee. Less than 2% of our customer funds are held online, the rest are in offline highly secured storage.

Q? #9 What is not covered by the insurance policy?

A: It’s every customer’s personal responsibility to keep their Nikastic Bitcoin account safe and not to divulge any personal information including passwords or any other data. If you do not follow this and your login information or credentials are compromised somehow due to your own negligence, then any resulting loss or theft will not be covered by our insurance policy.

Q? #10 Why do I need to verify my ID in order to manage my account?

A: We are a regulated financial service company in the USA, therefore we are governed by US law and as such can be periodically required to identify our users. Therefore, if you want to become a registered user, we may ask you to provide additional identification information in order to activate your account. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.